Is vacation over? 7 tips to get back to work with pleasure

How to go back to work after a vacation

You probably spent your time in the fresh air, laying in the sun, swimming and having some adventures, eating healthy food and having enough sleep. Now you’re back to work after a vacation, which means stressful city traffic, tight planning and deadlines. Have you even had enough time for lunch today?

To not turn your work after vacation into a nightmare and avoid post-vacation blues, you simply need to reduce stress. And these 7 tips will help you do just that.

No meetings the very first days after your return

Starting work after a vacation, many of us are so excited to catch up that we immediately jump on calls, team meetings and conferences. Are you sure the best way to start is to double your to-do list?

Go back to work after a vacation in silence. Don’t do any meetings, at least during the first day. Use it to go over new information, sort out emails and review reports.

Set up priorities for work after a vacation

Make a clear list of things you need to do first off. You can even sort your emails by priorities (by topic or sender), not just by the date it hit your inbox. Plan the scope of tasks for a day, and be concrete about timing. There’s also a cool way to split tasks into four groups according to urgency/importance criteria called the Eisenhower Matrix.

If you see you can’t complete something to perfection, just do a minimal viable result. Remember the rule of agile thinking: an 80% ready-to-use task is better than nothing.

Listen to good music to avoid a post-vacation blues

You probably know that music has a huge impact on a brain activity. Classic music, for instance, stimulates the cognitive activity of a brain, helping us organize information and improve memory.

Refresh your playlist when you come back to work after a vacation — remove everything nostalgic and add melodies that increase your productivity. Put a good speaker on a table and enjoy some music in the background.

Spend some time outdoor

Girl is flying a drone in the countryside

Reduce the physical stress of being back to a routine environment. September is still warm and nice for outdoor activities. Take your family to the nearest village, organize a picnic, go for a swim or simply hang out in a park with friends. Pick up a camera or a drone to make your time more fun and have good memories afterward.

Do some sports

Get back to fitness! Resume sports you’ve been doing before a vacation or try something new. When we work out or jog, we’re not only becoming fit but also receive a portion of adrenaline then makes us happier and activates our brain activity. Wear earbuds and start your day with jogging.

Try to control distractions when you’re back to work after a vacation

Researchers say that on average a person is distracted every 15 min, and they need about 23 min to resume their work. I bet after summer the stats are even worse for you. You always feel a temptation to check your phone, open Instagram or browse pics from a place you visited.

Avoid things that distract you. Organize your work in small batches and don’t allow yourself to pay attention to anything else until you finish it. Make sure your working desk is neat so you can concentrate on work only.

Pamper yourself with a good meal

During a holiday, you usually have a well-balanced menu with a few courses and many healthy dishes. Maybe you’ve even been trying exotic food if you were overseas. Try to keep this up after holidays. Eat regularly, pay attention to your health and sometimes treat yourself with dishes you like the most or cuisines you’ve not tried before. Fruits and at least 1.5 liters of water a day are good items in your shopping list as well.

In order to enjoy your work after a vacation and avoid the post-vacation blues, you just need to like what you do and have things that make you happy. We hope these simple tips will help you go back to work without the post-vacation blues and be productive always.