9 tips for choosing the best earbuds for running

girl wearing the best earbuds for running the NOVA

How can you choose the best running earbuds? At some point during your run, after you put your earbuds back in place yet again, you ask yourself this question. Or, perhaps you’re sick of pulling your smartphone out just to change tracks. Many of us at TRNDlabs love jogging, and we also understand this pain.

Here is our special checklist to check the best earbuds for running. We came up with it after trying many options in the market. In fact, that’s what motivated us to make the NOVA – running earbuds that are ideal for sports. Therefore we share examples how we implemented those things in the NOVA.

1. Chose earbuds that stay in while running

Your brand new earbuds might shine as bright as a diamond and offer perfect sound, but what does that matter if they fall out of your ears all the time?

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It doesn’t happen because they are bad or creators didn’t pay attention to the fit. It’s because every person has a unique ear shape, and there are earbuds for small ears or big, for example.

Some brands change the shape of the gear or even add elements that attach it to the lap. With the NOVA Earbuds, you can easily make them yours with different tips. Also, we made the shape as simple as possible and lighter than most running earbuds in the market. They’re even smaller than AirPods.

the best earbuds for sports NOVA

What is the result?

“We meticulously tested them by jumping as wild idiots, sprinting, standing on our hands, doing push-ups and so on. And therefore, we can say that these wireless earbuds are perfect for athletes, motorcyclists and people on the go.” – Gatsby.nl  

2. The best earbuds for running should be sweat-proof


You don’t want your earbuds to give up after you did just a few circles in a park. They don’t have to be waterproof (since jogging is not swimming), but being sweat-proof is definitely important for the best earbuds for running.

3. They detach you from city noise

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If you already found sweat-proof earbuds that stay in while running, take a few seconds to check the package. Pay attention to frequency, sensitivity and sound pressure level. A frequency of 20Hz – 20KHz is optimal.

Also, when running, you probably want to enter your own world and escape the sounds of people around you or cars in the street. Therefore, your best earbuds for running need noise isolation.

4. They will allow you to move without restrictions


Many of us have that situation when you’ve destroyed your earphones just with a flick of a hand. Cordless earbuds for running are the trend. They allow you to run freely without being worried about every movement.

However, there are still some inevitable factors with wireless earphones. For instance, our body. It’s made up mostly of water, and water blocks Bluetooth radio frequency. Therefore, don’t complain about the manufacturer if you have lost connection for a while – sometimes it’s just about physics.

5. You can respond to calls

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It seems that everyone is so busy that free time is a luxury. Even when we’re active, we have to be tuned to calls. The best earbuds for running should do that. With the NOVA, we solved this issue with an in-ear control – so you can just tap your earbud to answer a call or to easily pause/play your music.

6. They are in style

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Many brands now add hooks and clips to make earbuds fit better. With the NOVA running earbuds, we made the design as minimalistic as possible, cutting all unnecessary elements.

“Rather than iterate the design of so many other TWS earphones, NOVA maintained a standard bullet-shaped earbud housing. Its competitors, to the likes of Jabra Elite Sport, Nuheara IQbuds, and Bragi Dash are larger units meant to nestle themselves inside the conch of your ear. While that provides a more stable fit, I often times found my ear aching after a short listening session.” – MajorHiFi.com

Moreover, the NOVA earbuds are available in black, which, as researchers say, is the color of the luxury fashion.

7. Their brand has a name

remind me again - what is your name

The golden rule of innovation: if someone invented something great, it will be on Aliexpress soon. However, are you sure that cheap copy is good enough?

I remember my young brother once ordered a cheap iPhone copy. And, to catch the signal, he was walking around with a long portable antenna.

Of course, there’s no need to buy everything from Apple or Samsung. There are many great small companies that can offer you amazing products. And what’s more – they have their stories and values that you also share.

8. They have some superpowers

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Earbuds are so tiny that you need a case for them. But, if the case already takes up space in your bag, shouldn’t it have more than one function?

Be creative. We at TRNDlabs merged a power bank and case into one stylish piece of tech. With the 2800 mAh, you have enough power to charge your phone as well as your earbuds.

9. The cost of the best earbuds for running

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Best doesn’t always mean expensive. Technology improves and, with time it becomes cheaper. Our mantra is affordable tech.Therefore, the NOVA cost only $79. You can pay twice as much for earbuds – it’s up to you. Just define how much you are going to spend on your running earbuds – and you’ll find your option.

That’s our checklist after years and years of trying different earbuds and inventing the NOVA as our response to the runners’ needs. Was it helpful for you? Share your additional tips for choosing the best gear in a comment.

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