Which wireless earphones to choose (earbuds comparison chart)

Many people are suspicious that wireless in ear earphones won’t deliver a great music experience or will fall out all the time. Although true wireless earbuds are quite a new thing, they cut the cord and make us feel like we aren’t wearing anything in our ears. For those who are wondering which wireless earphones to choose, […]

9 tips for choosing the best earbuds for running

girl wearing the best earbuds for running the NOVA

How can you choose the best running earbuds? At some point during your run, after you put your earbuds back in place yet again, you ask yourself this question. Or, perhaps you’re sick of pulling your smartphone out just to change tracks. Many of us at TRNDlabs love jogging, and we also understand this pain. […]

Why you should get a drone with a camera (before it becomes mainstream)

Man keeping a drone with a camera

If Marty McFly from Back to the Future could see how we live, he probably would be pretty disappointed to not find the skyscrapers, flying cars, and drones as he imagined. But wait, would he? Modern buildings are popping up all over, inventors are about to announce flying taxis, and drones are doing many “human” […]

How to organize a retreat for a distributed team: 9 lessons we learned

The biggest challenge for a distributed team is to realize that all the people on the screen are actually real. For that reason, experienced remote workers like Buffer, Zapier or InVision come together at one location from time to time to work together and have fun. It makes their teams really strong, as people are […]

Is vacation over? 7 tips to get back to work with pleasure

How to go back to work after a vacation

You probably spent your time in the fresh air, laying in the sun, swimming and having some adventures, eating healthy food and having enough sleep. Now you’re back to work after a vacation, which means stressful city traffic, tight planning and deadlines. Have you even had enough time for lunch today? To not turn your […]