Why FADER Is One of the Best Mini Drones with a Camera

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When preparing a new product for you, we begin by choosing all the great features we want to include to make it the best. With a FADER drone, we decided to create the best mini drone for a beginner that you can take on any adventure. It offers first-person view and it also live-streams photos and videos right to your smartphone. Plus, it holds an altitude, auto-lands, does flips and other tricks – all at an affordable price point.

But, is it really that great? We’ll let the facts speak for themselves. We compared the 5 best mini drones for beginners to see where the FADER stands.

Which features of the best mini drone you should pay attention to

Are you looking for the best mini drone and have no idea which features matter? We’re here to help.

A mini drone with a camera should offer the best flying experience for you, even if you are flying it for the first time. It’s all about the flying mode, controller distance, dimensions, and flight time. These features will help you understand how long can you fly, what the maximum distance is that you can reach, and what level of experience you should have.

Also, it’s important to pay attention to additional features of the best mini drone such as altitude hold, auto-landing, and others. These features help you fly in windy weather, or if you’re afraid of losing your drone, it will keep its position or return to you.

As a rule of thumb, you don’t use your mini drone with a camera for racing so much as for photos and videos. That’s why your camera quality and a mobile app as an add-on are so important. The app should let you live-stream and feel like you’re flying with your drone.

Dimensions of a mini drone with camera

The drones we have chosen have approximately the same dimensions, yet FADER is the smallest. This means you have total convenience while transporting it. Wherever you go, or whenever you travel, it can always be with you without taking up too much space in your bag.

Flight time of the best camera drone and controller distance

For longer flights, the drone has to be equipped with bigger batteries, which are heavier and, as a result, contribute to more weight, size, and price. With FADER, we created the optimal flight time of 8 minutes. This is rarely achieved even by drones that are twice as expensive. Yet, with spare batteries, you can make your flights as long as you want.

for how long mini camera drone can fly

For the controller, almost all models offer no more than a 100-meter range, with some exclusions.


FADER Parrot Mambo Fly Hubsan H502S X4


Blade Glimpse FPV

HD Camera Drone

Yuneec Breeze

Flight time

8 min

~ 7-8 minutes

12 min

~ 5-8 minutes

12 min

Controller distance 50 m 20 m 200 m 24 meters

80 m

best mini camera drone

Best mini drone cameras

Almost all drones offer an HD camera, except Yuneec, which is actually twice as expensive. Unless you’re taking professional aerial photos, this camera quality is excellent to snap great shots to share online.

camera quality of the mini drone with camera

But, keep in mind that not all of the selected models can save pictures right to the camera roll on your smartphone, which means you need to download them from an SD card. 

which features make mini camera drone stand out

Moreover, not all models offer FPV so you can’t stream and see what the drone sees in the moment. For instance, although they are way more expensive, both Hubsan and Parrot drones don’t offer live-streaming app functionality.

FPV drones with controller and a camera
Additional features of the mini drone
 with camera

The FADER drone has 3 controller modes – beginner, medium and advanced piloting. This way, you can start by mastering the skies from scratch, and then increase the complexity level when you feel more confident.

Moreover, FADER is also great for racing. It holds its attitude and auto-lands after you’re done – all for easy flights, which is vital for the best mini drone.

What’s the best mini camera drone in terms of price?

We aimed to make our drone affordable for everyone. We cut advertisements, streamlined operations, and more to maintain the lowest possible price. We offer free delivery worldwide. FADER is good compared to even more expensive models, yet it’s great for a beginner.

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