ION Wireless Earbuds

The new TRNDlabs ION Wireless Earbuds come with features that improve the entire listening experience. Theytackle the problems of earbud sizes as well asthe range of the Bluetooth. With thisnew combination of sound quality, stylish appearance, and practical design, you can take your music everywhere you go.

The ION Wireless Earbuds have an excellent fit regardless of ear type. Theyinclude three sets of earbuds so everyone can choose the size according to their needs. Thepower of Bluetooth and aptX technology deliver a 10-meter (30-foot) range.

A magnetic clasp fastens the earbuds togethermaking them hard to lose and practical to carry around. The in-line microphone and control panel enable users to answer callsas well as start music without ever needing to touch theirsmartphone.

The ION True Wireless Earbudsare an affordable fashion accessory and a functional everyday tool. To find more information about the ION Wireless Earbuds, please use the information below: