TRNDlabs presents a Limited Black Edition of the SKEYE Nano Drone

September 21, 2015


TRNDlabs is proud to announce a Limited Black Edition of the SKEYE Nano Drone. The Limited Black Edition is an updated and newly designed version of the popular SKEYE Nano Drone and the latest example of TRNDlabs philosophy: transform tech products into stylish and innovative must-haves.

Ever since the launch of the SKEYE Nano Drone in 2014 TRNDlabs have bridged hi-tech drones with fashionable design and the brand has enjoyed boundless success worldwide.

Colors has always been essential to TRNDlabs, and that is the reason why we carefully selected the matte black finishing for the latest addition of the SKEYE Drones. The design is sleek and elegant, without any unnecessary details.

The new exclusive black edition will debut on on the 21th of September and will retail for $59 USD.

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