2017 is set to go down in history as the year of the drone.

Just a few years ago, UAVs were a niche product, used mostly by dedicated hobbyists and professionals who needed an aerial photography solution. Today their popularity is growing exponentially, with the industry almost doubling in size year-on-year.

Innovative companies like DJI are putting more and more power in the hands of consumers with each new release. Meanwhile, dozens of RC toy manufacturers are producing their own basic quadcopters.

Despite the huge choice available, what we’ve always felt is missing is a true entry-level drone. The premium drone makers are starting to make smaller, simpler drones but have yet to offer an affordable option for beginners, travellers, and people with a bit less income to spend.

We wanted to create something that was much more than a toy. A drone with real acrobatic capabilities that looks cool and gives the pilot a taste of the amazing innovations from the drone industry.

That’s what led us to developing SPECTRE & FADER. We think it’s the perfect choice for the curious gadget fan dipping their toes into the world of drones for the first time. On top of that, drone enthusiasts who travel often and agonise over leaving their prized quadcopter at home now have the option of bringing a small and fun drone on their trips.

SPECTRE & FADER are the drones for everyone.