How I Learned to Fly a Drone

how to fly a mini drone with a camera

The story of Edwin, TRNDlabs HR & Sales Manager.

I had never expressed any interest in drones. I assumed it was really expensive, and I didn’t know how to fly a drone. Although it sounded wonderful to fly a drone while capturing stunning footage, I never really dived into it. As a musician, I would rather spend that time with my guitar.

But, luckily enough, I took a new role at TRNDlabs, the HQ of awesome drones.

Three years ago, most brands were focused on commercial/high-cost professional drone. On the contrary, TRNDlabs proclaimed a controversial idea of offering drones for everyone. They had the idea that anybody at any time can become a drone pilot without spending too much.

While now it’s not something as rare, TRNDlabs were the ones to pioneer consumer drones usage in Europe and the United States and let people try how to fly a drone without breaking the bank.

TRNDlabs had a simple yet complete range to kickstart my drone experience. They produced a few quadcopters which utilized all the important features – altitude hold, auto-landing, aerobatic capabilities, and were easy to fly for the total newbie I was.

how to fly a mini camera drone outdoors
a mini camera drone flying in the sky
the best mini camera drone, cheap drones


I ultimately chose the SKEYE Nano 2. It’s a small quadcopter without a camera and the perfect start for those who have never flown a drone since it’s focused on racing. It was the best way for me to learn how to fly a drone.

small drone flying outdoors, get your first drone

I unpacked it, switched it on, set up the controller, put it on the ground, turned on the take-off button, and… I was flying. It was an incredible feeling when your drone takes off for the first time.

When using a drone, it’s important to make sure that it’s assembled well. TRNDlabs drones come with rotor protectors to keep them safe for a long time. However, some people might place blades or protectors incorrectly which can cause the drone to flip over. For example, that’s what we’ve recently seen on amazing Zendaya’s Instagram stories when her SKEYE Nano 2 Camera flipped over.

stylish and functional drone for a beginner

The most difficult part about how to fly a drone is holding attitude without bumping into everything in your way. The drones are equipped with LED lights to indicate their current direction. This is something to keep in mind when turning and flying around. The drone also responds to every movement correctly, so it’s important to find a good balance. Make sure you don’t press the buttons too hard or too soft to maintain control.

It was a great fun flying indoors and I made sure to avoid all the corners, pictures on the wall, and my favorite mug on the table. I can say I mastered it all even without a collision!

SKEYE mini drone with a camera

Later, I switched between the three sensitivity levels. When my skills improved, I could go on with the middle and even high sensitivity levels to understand how to fly a drone more like a pro.

The next level was to master flips. It’s so cool to see your drone flip over and do amazing tricks. I could spend hours with friends racing the drone, competing over who controls it better, and who won’t crash it at all. Because the racing is totally in control and not on a screen, the quadcopter is more fun than playing with my PlayStation.

Once I mastered the basic skills, I upgraded to a drone with a camera. Having a built-in camera was another challenge. It was tricky yet rewarding trying to find the best angle for photos and videos and learning how to fly a drone for shooting.

But, the true joy came when I mastered streaming.

two young men learn how to fly a drone
how to fly a mini drone with a camera
men flying a mini drone
the best drone to fly and take pictures


For streaming, I’ve chosen SPECTRE. This drone is the biggest one TRNDlabs has to offer, which means it has better wind resistance when flying outdoors. And, it has first person view functionality to ensure an incredible flying experience. The video can stream to a smartphone, which is a huge advantage when you want to see everything with your own eyes.

Respecting drone regulations (in Holland, you must always keep your drone in sight, fly at a safe distance from people, and avoid flying at night), I was mastering the sky step by step.

The most impressive feeling was seeing everything through the eyes of my drone. You can fly high and you even see yourself (and you appear as just a small spot 50 meters down). It’s even more impressive when paired with the IRIS Virtual Reality headset which helps you literary experience the flight. Sometimes you can lose the feeling that you’re staying down and you feel like you’re in the sky yourself.

TRNDlabs drones, mini drone with a camera, big drone, drones for beginners, affordable drones

The world in birds’-eye view is truly amazing. When you watch your videos on your laptop, it’s like taking the same trip above the land over and over again and you can remember all the impressive feelings of how to fly a drone.

The most impressive thing about it is that it doesn’t require skills, doesn’t eat up all your money, or take too much effort.

The only drawback – when you’re into it, you don’t want to quit.

a young man flying a drone outdoors in the evening

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  1. Leo Noll says:

    You just got me back to flying. When I started it was in the house. I would like to master room to room, but afraid of hitting somethings. Out door is best as long as I do not dump it in the pool.
    Weather is starting to get better, get my work done then get back to flying. Your idea on type of drones, well it made me more interesting in getting back to flying.
    Thanks for your info.

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