Why a mini drone with a camera is something your friends want for Christmas

mini drone with a camera

I like a mini drone with a camera. It’s fun, limber and agile. You can fly it easily even with no preparation and, wherever you go, instead of huge bags and boxes, you can carry one in your pocket – to get it out at the right moment and surprise your friends.

Moreover,  mini drones can be very advanced. Manufacturers equip them with HD cameras, great battery life, and altitude hold mechanics. The mini drone with a camera is the perfect gift for anyone whose inner child didn’t give up, and for those with a strong passion to explore.

Why people love drones

Drones are becoming popular for commercial use. We’ve covered that more thoroughly earlier and it’s quite possible that, despite all restrictions, they simplify our lives.

But, what about personal use?

Drones are fun, and no one can argue that. You can fly them, do flips and maneuvers – and unlike with video games, experience all of that in real time. Moreover, they snap photos and videos and can do live streams so you can see the places from an angle you’re not able to reach yourself. You can even bring an audience along for the ride.

Mini drones completely change the way you spend time with friends. Do you remember your school friend who had a Playstation and you were always hanging out at his place? A mini camera drone is that sort of fun, no matter how old you’re. It can snap the best selfies for you which you can instantly post on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s loads of fun learning the freedom of seeing more, controlling your drone, and getting the best pictures.

Which mini drone with camera to choose

Unlike many other products, the smaller tech is in size the more it costs as you need to fit all the mechanics and functionality into a small form factor. Therefore, it’s actually hard to find a good and affordable camera quadcopter. On one hand, there are many unreliable manufactures with cheap drones which have troubles from the first flight.

On the other hand, you can find advanced models for professional pilots (and although they call them “mini drones” they are over 11 inches long). Many companies offer BNF drones which means you’re only ordering a drone itself and you have to purchase a controller, memory, and necessary equipment separately.

After exploring ourselves, we figured out that finding a good $100-150 drone with a camera, FPV and attitude hold is tougher than you might think. So we decided to compare a few options in the market to help you decide for yourself.


Many mini drones with a camera are actually big drones so sometimes people might be surprised with the product they receive.

Parrot Mambo, Blade Glimpse, Extrime Fliers and TRNDlabs SKEYE drone compared


Usually mini and nano drones have poor picture quality or don’t have a camera at all, so that’s something to look out for.

mini camera drones compared

Flight time

Flight time is determined by the battery capacity. Mini camera drones usually charge quickly but they don’t fly too long – that’s what you sacrifice when choosing the small size. Although, it’s interesting that sometimes drones with dimensions about 20cm can fly for almost as long as tiny 4cm versions.

Drone SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Parrot Mambo

Hubsan H111D Nano Q4 FPV

Blade Glimpse FPV HD Camera Drone Micro Drone 3.0 by Extreme Fliers
Flight time ~ 5 minutes ~ 7-8 minutes ~ 5-6 minutes ~ 5-8 minutes ~ 5-6 minutes

Controller distance

Controller distance is the maximum distance between you and your drone while maintaining control.

which drone has the best operation range

App & FPV

Mini drones with a camera that have an app allow you controlling your drone from a smartphone and save photos to the camera roll. Also, they can help you experience the first-person view.

best FPV drones compared


mini drone prices compared

Ultimate TRNDlabs drones guide

Although we love the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV, we didn’t stop there with our creations. We have a bunch of drones; nano, mini and big to deliver exactly what you need. You also need to ask yourself if it has to be a mini drone with a camera or without. 

We don’t know anyone in this world who isn’t happy flying a mini drone with a camera. Since the holidays are approaching (and you probably have no idea what to get your family and friends), we have a great offer for you: if you order 3 drones of the same cost, we will ship the 4th one for free. Because you also deserve a gift. Just place your order for 3 and email us at [email protected] – we’ll immediately add your free item.

ultiate mini drones guide by TRNDlabs

Win the best mini drone with a camera!

Christmas is coming and we want to play Santa. We want you to win our SKEYE Nano 2 FPV, our best mini drone with a camera. No need to post anything, like our page (although we wouldn’t  mind), tag your friends,  or anything else. Just enter your email and check out the results on November 27.

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