9 things brands usually don’t tell you

Typically, brands are constantly trying to get your attention. Therefore, they show only beautiful pictures and highlight the end product you put your hands on. However, at TRNDlabs, when we’re reaching out to you, we want to build a friendship first.

What friends usually do? They share their secrets. And that’s what we want to do. Running up to  Halloween, we’ll be sharing insights into our products, tell you just how we make them and why they’re functional and affordable. Essentially, we want to share what makes us at TRNDlabs who we are. Scary? No, just a bit of honesty.

Fact 9 out 9: Why is our gear affordable?

We try to find the common ground between quality and functionality. Why should you have to pay for expensive details when they can be replaced by an affordable version without losing on the quality? We test products constantly and choose the best materials and the most intuitive design to do what they have to, with no extras.

Also, we do all our marketing in-house and prefer low-cost solutions that won’t affect the product price for you. We’ll better encourage and reward you for spreading the word about us on social media and recommending us to friends.

Fact 8 out of 9: We pay attention to every detail

COAL earbuds that you can wear without cords being tangled

Our products are perfection in progress. We work on the design, choose materials carefully, then check out how good they are assembled. If there is any detail, even a small one, that might cause any inconvenience, we improve it – no matter how much effort and resources it will require.

That’s why people have a great experience with our products. From unique design of the NOVA – to functionality of tiny drones, their expectations are exceeded. They love soft touch of the SPECTRE controller, enjoy the COAL earphones that don’t tangle cords and go for a run in the NOVA earbuds that stay in the ears.

And if we see and hear from you that we can make even better products – we always improve them with the next launches.

Fact 7 out of 9: We make packages which you don’t have to throw away

how to make outstanding packaging - TRNDlabs

What usually happens to product packaging after you open it? It hits the trashcan or settles somewhere in your home to never see the light of day again.

At TRNDlabs, the packaging is an integral part of every product. You’ll love the fabric bag for COAL which you can always carry it with untangled cords. And, the small case for FISHEYE keeps the lens nice and clean.

We went even further with the NOVA by doubling the case into a 2800 mAh power bank.

Why? Because it makes little sense to produce packaging just to throw them away. Instead, our packaging contributes to your comfort and use of the products.

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Fact 6 out of 9: We’re the first and most active customers of our products

Girl working with a laptop and wireless headphones (FRANKLIN by TRNDlabs)

It makes little sense to produce gear which we don’t use ourselves. The first step is that we make something we need – something lacking in the market. Therefore, we wear ION earphones to the office, jog with the NOVA earbuds and walk in the VENTURA headset. We’re confident that you will be comfortable with our products – as we do it ourselves every day.

Moreover, we send our products to media to test them out and spread honest reviews. We anticipate every time customers receive our gear – and eagerly await feedback. Our reviewers say that they can spring and jump like crazy in the NOVA earbuds, love the VENTURA sound quality, and much more.

Check out products we use ourselves!

Many of them are on sale. Prices start from $19. Check them out – it’s just before Halloween.

Fact 5 out of 9: We review all of your feedback carefully

TRNDlabs team working together at a retreat

Yes, the team that responds to all support tickets, reads all social media comments and listens to you – it exists. Here we are, at TRDNlabs.

It’s time-consuming and sometimes very difficult, but we do check everything you share with us. We even ask you to provide your detailed feedback, whether positive or negative, about a product you have – to improve it and release an upgraded version.

Moreover, we back all our products with a 1-year warranty so you can make sure the product you get will work as expected. We support you with detailed user guides and even teach you how to fly drones with the Drone Academy.

Also, you can compare our drones to choose the model that fits your needs.

Fact 4 out of 9: You can find our team in almost any part of the world

TRNDlabs CEO talking about company mission and vision

Your needs are our trigger, innovation and creativity are our tools, and quality is our only standard. We think nothing of those parameters should be geographically limited. Therefore, TRNDlabs is a distributed team with co-workers and contributors across the globe.

You can find us in Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Slovakia or even in Australia, and of course, in the Netherlands, where we started. Having this distribution helps us think outside the box, understand your needs better and be more reactive and proactive.

Should you have any questions about how we work or to meet the team – give us a shout or read our story. Want to know how we meet time to time? Here are some snaps from our last retreat.

Fact 3 out of 9: The only drone you will have no legal issues with

SKEYE Nano 2 mini drone

Another thing about drones – the police try to control their usage as much as possible, and therefore put many limitations on them. Maximum altitude, a line of sight flights, no use above the governmental buildings or parks. You’ve probably heard of all these restrictions.

Sometimes we impress even ourselves. Our SKEYE drones are the only ones that you won’t probably have any problems with. They’re so tiny that they fit your pocket! You can take them with you wherever you go, and snap perfect selfies and pictures. People around you might think it’s just a bird flying around! Which, of course, is not a reason to break any rules.

Crazy price! Check the pocket-sized drone!

SKEYE Nano 2 for only $34. Hurry up! It won’t be more affordable.

Fact 2 out of 9: Sometimes our drones are eaten


You might know the guys in the picture. This is Jake Paul from Los Angeles. He has more than 11-million subscribers on his YouTube channel. We are glad that celebrities chose our drones.

But, on the other hand, sometimes things just don’t go as expected, and instead of flying a drone, people can… eat it. Which, we guess, is also a sign of the quality – you wouldn’t eat the bad stuff.

Meet the drone Jake Paul ate!

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Fact 1 out of 9: We crash our drones

We crash drones to test them

Do you know what remains the biggest problems with drones? Most of them are destroyed during their first flight from crashing into the walls in front of you, or simply never flying back as they’re tangled in the trees somewhere. It’s even more intense than finding the pair for a sock.

Therefore, drone manufacturing is a long process of choosing the best materials, shaping them perfectly, repairing, and fixing. Not to mention running quality assurance all the time.

Do you know how we make sure that our drones will survive all the walls and trees they might encounter? We crash them as much as possible into different surfaces. Then, we take the data and improve them until we make sure they stand the test of active use.

Moreover, we cover our rotors with protective guards (and give you an additional pack with your purchase). That way, if something happens, you can replace rotors and guards. You can also order them from our website at any time. It helps us make sure you’ll use our products for a long time.

Get the drone that stood the crash test!

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