TRNDlabs Year in Review

TRNDlabs Year in Review

Since the year is almost over, we want to thank each and every one of you for being with us in 2017.

It’s been a great year! We’ve launched 4 new products; shipped thousands of drones, earbuds, and other techs to people in more than 100 countries; gathered together our distributed team for the first time. All while our customers rated our service with 8.7.

Everything we do is for you. Since the beginning, TRNDlabs was aimed to help you get the most innovative and stylish gear at your doorstep. We are constantly working to make your life better.

Winter and spring

Malorka drone

The post-holiday period was quite nice and cozy for us. We wrapped up many things and started to work on new plans. In early January, we visited the CES in Las Vegas. Also, we started the year by hiring new team members.

Spring was all about the SPECTRE and FADER drones. We were so excited to introduce them to you in April! We prepared products, did a photoshoot in Mallorca, and launched the Drone Academy.

Along with that, we worked with resellers, improved our Amazon storefront, set up new collaborations with Birchbox and StackCommerce, received great coverage in media, and tried to support you with the best service ever.


TRNDlabs distributed team retreat

Summer was hot. First, our team decided to meet each other for the first time ever. Working as a distributed team with people all over the world, we hadn’t had the opportunity to see each other in real life. Our retreat was a very exciting and highly-anticipated event and we started our preparation in the summer.

Along with that, we introduced you to a new star in our product range – the NOVA True Wireless Earbuds. They immediately grab your attention for all the right reasons. You can read more about them here.

Moreover, FADER and SPECTRE received great feedback from our customers. Reviews started appearing and Jack Paul flew SPECTRE in his vlog! Yet, things took an unexpected turn, and he ate the drone after flying.

Finally, we went on our amazing team retreat in Holland working and having fun for an entire week. Learn more about our retreat.

Fall and Winter

Christmas gift guide

When autumn starts it means that the holidays are around the corner. We stocked up, improved shipping methods and scaled our customer experience team to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

Since we value you, we decided to support you with better information regarding our products and interact with you as much as possible. We started the TRNDlabs blog including drone news, earbuds tips and tricks, and insights into our work. Also, we decided to give away a couple of our products for free every month and started with the NOVA earbuds.

Plus, the number of our Instagram followers has surpassed 10,000. We received two million YouTube channel views and many thanks from you.

Then the holidays, crazy! We started collaborations with more brands and prepared a gift guide. We also had a final sale to clear out some inventory to make room for new products and help you with your holiday shopping. Thousands of packages were shipped while our team worked around the clock to fulfill your orders.

Next to that, we prepared plans, set new goals and designed new products that will be unveiled in the coming months.

Thank you for this great year! We already have huge plans for 2018 and promise to continue delivering amazing products to you, raising the bar on a daily basis.

Happy New Year!

From all of us at TRNDlabs with love