Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas gift guide

Christmas is in the air! We already feel it, seeing holiday lights and decorations everywhere, listening to Christmas music and preparing our homes.

But, reading this blog just 20 days before Christmas means that some late gift shopping rush is still waiting for you. So, either find time and patience to come through it or read this simple gift guide to find ideas without leaving even your room.

But first, a few interesting facts about holiday shopping:

  1. Did you know 96% of Americans shop online? 51% out of them plans to buy their gifts online to avoid crowds and stress as well as save time. Smart indeed!
  2. Tech is becoming the most popular gift. People shop tech the most, after food and beverages, during the holiday season.
  3. Free shipping and special deals are something people chase online this time of year, of course! Online stores are quite beneficial because of that.

Interested? Carry on!

Some proven Christmas gift ideas

People shop clothing and accessories, health and beauty products, toys and hobbies, home accessories, and tech.

Since gadgets are something we know quite a bit about, we want to introduce you to some great tech gift ideas. Being in the market for years, we have some thoughtful feedback from people who shop gadgets online. So, here are our suggestions based on what they told us.

True wireless earbuds are perfect for sports enthusiasts or people on the go

best Christmas gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts

The NOVA True Wireless Earbuds are so tiny yet powerful. They stay in your ears no matter how hard you work out. This is something special for anyone who is always moving.

Headphones + gloves make this winter cozy

Perfect Christmas gift ideas for people one the go

Everyone needs headphones, so this Christmas gift idea always works well. Yet, not all headphones are created equal. For instance, the new iPhone works with wireless headphones only, and we think the future is also wireless. That’s why we recommend shopping wireless headphones this winter. Along with touchscreen gloves, they will make your friends and family feel the coziest this winter.

Drones are great ideas for people who like to explore

best Christmas gift ideas for travelers

Does your person like to explore the world and dream about flying a drone? Go ahead and make that dream come true! We have pioneered the consumer drone market and we have great stylish drones for beginners.

Looking for something under $20? Check these out!

best Christmas gift ideas under $20

Looking for a small complimenting gift which is still stylish yet functional? There is a wireless speaker to enjoy music anywhere, anytime and stylish earphones to take your music with you. Plus – a small lens to reach new levels with your smartphone shooting.

TRNDlabs Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide by TRNDlabs

It’s not very humble to recommend only our products, so we picked out some great Christmas gift ideas from other brands we love. They are innovative and interesting, and we’re pretty sure your person will love seeing something like that under the Christmas tree.

Also, there are a few great gift guides we like:

Still hesitating? Take our quiz to get personalized Christmas gift ideas

Christmas decorations with gadgets

Everyone is different. To help you with Christmas gifts ideas that will match the lifestyle of your special person, we created a simple yet complete quiz that will help you come up with personalized options. It’s fun and quick, so if you’d like to avoid long gift guides and get some ready-to-use options, just click the button below and let the fun begin.

Don’t know the person so well? Go for gift cards

Yet, with all of those facts, not all people like what they receive for Christmas. In fact, a half of recipients don’t like their gift, one survey says What do you do when you want to get a great gift but you don’t know a person well enough? That’s why it’s always great to give a choice as a present. Consider giving gift cards on Amazon, for instance. Also, just to keep you in the loop, we’ll announce TRNDlabs gift cards just before Christmas.

Thank you for checking out our Christmas gift ideas! We hope this blog will help you find the right present for your special person. But, remember, first and foremost, Christmas is not about the gifts you buy but about emotions and love you share! Take care of your loved ones this holiday season and make them really merry!

From all of us at TRNDlabs with love <3