Which wireless earphones to choose (earbuds comparison chart)

Many people are suspicious that wireless in ear earphones won’t deliver a great music experience or will fall out all the time. Although true wireless earbuds are quite a new thing, they cut the cord and make us feel like we aren’t wearing anything in our ears.

For those who are wondering which wireless earphones to choose, we made a simple comparison of the most popular models: our NOVA earbuds, AirPods, Samsung Gear IconX, Erato Apollo 7, Bragi the Dash, Jaybird Run, and YEVO. Check it out, compare wireless earphones, and share your feedback with us!

Which wireless earphones play all day long

After being charged, almost all wireless in ear earphones deliver 3-4 hours of music playtime. Yet, when you are on the go all day long or traveling, total playtime with a charging case is very important.

best wireless earphones music playtime compared

The smallest means the best fit

Big and bulky pieces of tech will cause discomfort to your ears. Therefore, the smaller the wireless in ear earphones the better you feel. Moreover, with different tip sizes, you can adjust them to your ear shape.

best wireless earphones dimensions compared

Earbud weight impacts your comfort

Which wireless earphones are the lightest? As with the size, less is more. Big earbuds are tiresome for the long wearing.

best wireless earphones weights compared

Compare wireless earphones sound quality

Sound quality is something subjective and it depends on many factors. Check the frequency range which determines the specter of the sound. The optimal frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 kHz.

Which wireless earphones have the best operation range

If you’re often working out, moving around the house, or simply jamming out, your smartphone or iPod is somewhere safe like on the sofa. Thus, the greatest distance for seamless connection is very important.

 Brand  TRNDlabs   NOVA  Apple   Airpods  Samsung Gear   IconX  Erato Apollo 7  Bragi the Dash  Jaybird Run  YEVO
 Operation Range 10 meters (33 feet) 10 meters (33 feet) 9 meters (30 feet) 4,5 meters (15 feet) 10 meters (33 feet) 10 meters (33 feet)
10 meters (33 feet)

Battery capacity

A great battery will help you wear your music with you all day long. Anything that assists with battery life is a welcomed addition. For example, the NOVA case doubles as a power bank, so you can also charge your smartphone and earphones on the go.

 Brand  TRNDlabs   NOVA  Apple   Airpods  Samsung Gear     IconX  Erato Apollo 7  Bragi the Dash  Jaybird Run  YEVO
 Battery Capacity 2,800 mAh 398 mAh 315 mAh 300 mAh 2200 mAh 600 mAh


We recommend a simple and minimalistic design to not look like you’re wearing earplugs. Also, hooks and clips that attach to the lap might cause some earache after wearing them for a long time so it’s better to avoid them when you wonder which wireless earphones to choose.

which wireless eaphones to choose - the NOVA earbuds


All the wireless in ear earphones listed above have in-ear control to respond to calls and a microphone. They’re also sweat-proof and ensure noise cancellation.

Which wireless earbuds have the best price

Advertisers want us to hunt for the most popular brands without taking into account that there are even better options that are twice as cheap.

best wireless earphones price compared

Wireless earbuds are becoming popular. There are many options to fit your personality and needs. Go ahead and choose yours!

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