Why you should get a drone with a camera (before it becomes mainstream)

Man keeping a drone with a camera

If Marty McFly from Back to the Future could see how we live, he probably would be pretty disappointed to not find the skyscrapers, flying cars, and drones as he imagined. But wait, would he?

Modern buildings are popping up all over, inventors are about to announce flying taxis, and drones are doing many “human” jobs. Actually, a drone with a camera can now land at your home in a matter of a few business days. And here are the reasons why you should consider adding one to your shopping basket (before it becomes mainstream).

Every household might own a drone with a camera soon

Nowadays, people expand the commercial use of quadcopters. They monitor territories, deliver aid, explore and research inaccessible places, shoot films and so much more. Do you shop on Amazon? Odds are, a drone with a camera will land your packages right in front of your door soon.

As Amazon is an early adopter for many innovations, we bet many companies will follow its example soon.

However, it doesn’t mean the technology hasn’t reached consumers yet. Personal drones sales in the US have doubled from 1.1 million in 2015 to 2.6 million in 2016. In 2021, experts forecast we will purchase 29 million consumer drones. Can you imagine? That’s nearly a quarter of US households purchasing a drone in just a year.

Got a selfie stick? Put it on eBay before it’s too late

Does the phrase “where to buy drones with camera“ show up in your recent Google searches? You’re not alone. The sheer curiosity and a desire to explore have consumers everywhere wanting to get in on the action. But, where do you start? A mini camera drone can reach almost to any place (and do it quickly!) and capture a breathtaking bird’s eye view. That’s why they’re so popular among nature lovers and photographers.

A couple flying a FADER drone with a camera in the nature

Drones with a camera are becoming very popular in the film industry. Recently, Holland hosted a festival of movies filmed no less than 50% by drones.

Additionally, Instagrammers and influencers try to stand out by snapping photos with a mini quadcopter with a camera.

Girl with a drone FADER

By @albantasanroman

There are even amazing accounts like @droneoftheday, @stianmklo or @saltywings where most of the footage is captured by drones.

Mini drones with a camera are like your personal photographers. What is better when you’re exploring alone and you find the perfect shot? You can ask a stranger passing by for a help, get your selfie stick or let a quadcopter take the photo from any angle you wish. The answer is pretty obvious.

When you’re hanging out with friends, flying a drone with a camera is lots of fun. You can spend hours playing with it, see yourself from the skies and explore what’s up around you.

In addition, you can stream everything to your phone or even experience much more with virtual reality goggles. Imagine visiting a seaside, a mountain range, or somewhere else you’ve never been. A mini camera drone can help you get a better vantage point to capture the landscape, move above the water or even fly around with a flock of birds.

The technology is truly incredible.

Do you know what’s cool about that? Decades ago, having a camera was the exception. Then, almost everyone used to own a digital camera. A few years later, everyone got an amazing HD camera right on their smartphone as well as a selfie stick in the hunt for a perfect shot. Now a new trend is approaching – people are taking photos with a personal drone. Moreover, they’re small enough to fit your pocket.

Man flying a drone with a camera in the nature

A drone with a camera is no longer a luxury item

As their popularity grows, prices are going lower and lower. Professional pilots still pay over $4k for a drone, but anyone now can get a great camera drone for $100 or even less.

Affordable drones already have some great specs. They have good cameras, can hold attitude, are capable of flips, and much more to help you achieve incredible flights. Even with all of this, still, as time passes, we will see major quality increases.

More and more people are searching where to buy the best camera drone to make their lives more convenient and fun. It’s no wonder that 29 million drones are expected to be shipped in 2021.

With this number of drone purchases, it seems every family will have one soon. For those that don’t, they’ll be ones out of the norm.

Grab yours now to stay ahead of the trend.

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